Welding happens when two materials are joined together through the liquefaction of the places of bonding. Welding is a delicate process that has to be done with precision and care. Our qualified team of welders will assist in bringing your new structure to life or help maintain welds in existing structures.

Engineers at Metal-craft are detail-oriented, and customer service focused. We possess the ability to read Blueprints quickly and provide free consultation. We take our pride in our dedication to on-time delivery and safety standards.


Branding gives a corporate body an identity that creates goodwill and could be leveraged for growth and profitability. Retail Visual Identity (also known as Branding) includes ID signs, Directional Signs, Poster Frames, Illuminated and Non-Illuminated canopy fascia branding, Canopy Logo, Canopy Letters, Spreader Boxes, Pump Numbers and Pump Branding.

Metal-Craft engineering has the best expertise in installing RVI. We have been trained, and authorized by Polymer Asia, manufacturers of Shell RVI and Allied RVI materials to install RVIs in Ghana and beyond

Repairs &

Although structures and equipment have several properties that helps them stand the test of time, preventive and reactive services.php are very keen to their health and lifespan. It is thus important for repairs and maintenance to be introduced over the years.

Our highly trained staff possess good knowledge in the dispensation of preventive maintenance and repair maintenance works with excellence and integrity. With attention to details, client’s assets are efficiently maintained cutting down breakdown probabilities to the very lowest minimum.


"Rigging" in structural engineering terms refers to the act of lifting heavy objects like steel pipes, structural steel elements, building materials, equipment, etc. from one level to another (up or down) with the aid of suspended cables, ropes, spreader beams etc. and the use of a crane, derrick, "come- a- long", pulley system or sometimes pure man power. With over sixteen years of experience, it comes as no surprise that Metal-craft is the leading company when it comes to rigging works.

Shop Fitting

We have made an enormous impact on installation of shop fittings at the various Retail Service Stations of Oil Marketing Companies in Ghana. We install wall and condoler shelves, pelmets, service counters and fridge cabinets for retail shops. Our installation comes with a perfect professional touch that makes the shopping experience of the customers a pleasant one. We pride ourselves in our focus on genuine and excellence in the delivery of shop fittings.

We have been trained, and authorized by Polymer Asia (manufacturers of Shell and Allied shop fittings) to install shop fittings in Ghana and beyond.

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting is a general term used to describe the act of propelling very fine bits of material at high-velocity to clean or etch a surface. A sandblasting setup usually consists of three different parts: the abrasive itself, an air compressor, and a blaster nozzle. For etching and small object cleaning, a workstation to hold the piece of glass is also needed, as is some sort of collector to gather up excess dust. Sandblasting is primarily used to clean a metal surface of anything that may be clinging to it.

Our highly trained staffs possess good knowledge in sandblasting thus achieving best finish in all sandblasting works.

Plate Rolling

We offer excellent plate and sheet rolling services.php. MCE rolling machines have the capabilities to accurately roll steel and aluminum plate into full cylinders, cylinder segments, full cones, and cone segments. Sheet or plate rolled into tubular shapes can be used for conveyor pipes, downspouts, and numerous other applications. We produce both concentric and eccentric cones. We create cones from light gauge pipe for ventilation systems, heavy plate for metal duct work in steel mills, and everything in between. Plate rolling can also be used to form helical shapes for circular stair stringers.

MCE is known for its expertise in plate and sheet rolling. With our experienced staffs, we are able to roll steel plate of up to 12 m long and weighing up to 40 tons.

Plate Cutting

We offer excellent plate and sheet cutting services.php. MCE cutting machines have the capabilities to accurately cut steel and aluminum plate into stripes.

Plate Bending

We offer excellent plate and sheet bending services.php. MCE bending machines have the capabilities to accurately bend steel and aluminum plate into various modes.


MCE delivers superior spraying services.php with unmatched nozzle milking of paint in style leaving outstanding looks and durability.

Our hand to eye coordination is unmatched coupled with excellent technologies; we take care of your spraying need from body preparation, - mixing of colours and priming to main coats, leaving you a clean ravishing masterpiece.

Fiber Coating

Fiber coating is the most advanced method of protecting steel against corrosion. The process enhances durability of steel and makes it more resistant to corrosion, impact and abrasion.

Fiber coating is the best solution for steel construction for underground tanks, areas close to the sea and highly moisturized environment. With over sixteen years of experience, it comes as no surprise that Metal-craft is the leading company when it comes to fiber coating works.