Founded in the year 2000, with the mission of delivering world-class engineering products and services to clients all over the world, Metal-craft Engineering Limited is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, youthful energy and ability to do things differently. We are characterized by creativity and innovation, and are defined by our tenacious unwillingness to submit to a “big company” syndrome despite our unbelievable growth over the years.


Welding happens when two materials are joined together through the liquefaction of the places of bonding. Welding is a delicate process that has to be done with precision and care. Our qualified team of welders will assist in bringing your new structure to life or help maintain welds in existing structures. Engineers at Metal-craft are detail-oriented, and customer service focused.


MCE delivers superior spraying services with unmatched nozzle milking of paint in style leaving outstanding looks and durability.
Our hand to eye coordination is unmatched coupled with excellent technologies; we take care of your spraying need from body preparation, - mixing of colours and priming to main coats, leaving you a clean ravishing masterpiece.


Branding gives a corporate body an identity that creates goodwill and could be leveraged for growth and profitability. Retail Visual Identity (also known as Branding) includes ID signs, Directional Signs, Poster Frames, Illuminated and Non-Illuminated canopy fascia branding, Canopy Logo, Canopy Letters, Spreader Boxes, Pump Numbers and Pump Branding.


Although structures and equipment have several properties that helps them stand the test of time, preventive and reactive services are very keen to their health and lifespan. It is thus important for repairs and maintenance to be introduced over the years.
Our highly trained staffs possess good knowledge in the dispensation of preventive maintenance and repair maintenance works with excellence and integrity.


We design, fabricate, transport and install tanks in compliance with UL-142 standard. Our production contrasts the science of the storage product with engineering materials and processes to ensure the elimination of dangerous attributes for efficient functioning of the storage product. Our tanks are corrosion resistant; built and engineered from premium quality materials and comes in different sizes, shapes and dimensions.


Pre-engineered steel buildings (PEB) are generally factory-built steel housing unit which is designed and fabricated using best suited pool of raw materials available from all sources and manufacturing methods that efficiently satisfies a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements. The primary framing structure of a pre-engineered building is an assembly of I-shaped members, often referred as I-beams.

  1. To maintain safe, secured and healthy working environment and conditions at all times.
  2. To provide adequate control of all safety and security risks and health issues that may arise from the work environments.
  3. To prevent accidents and work related to ill health conditions at the workplace.
  4. To work with safe handling and use of all appliances and equipment.
  5. To ensure safe handling and usage of substances.
  6. To ensure that all staff are competent in their tasks by guidance and training.
  7. To ensure strict adherence of all environmental regulations.
  8. To ensure that all essential Personal Protective Equipment are provided.


Metal Craft Engineering has enormous expertise in the manufacturing of Steel Structures, Fuel Station Canopies, Underground Tanks, Surface Tanks, Mining Tanks, Onsite Tanks, Factory Tanks, Domestic Tanks, Special Purpose Tanks, Trusses, Identity Signs, Retail Visual Identities, Billboard Frames.


To ensure that the quality of our products and services is never overlooked in any of our field operations. We aspire to ISO standards on Environmental management, Social responsibility, Energy management and Risk management.


Metal-Craft has 54 administrative / field workers and 19 trainees. The permanent staff include the following:


Our workforce collectively spend approximately 380 working hours every month (which includes overtime) in our bid to satisfy our clients with high grade products and services within stipulated times.